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Our Products

Our products are intended for use in a wide range of applications with a focus on Sports and Recreation, Playgrounds and Parks, and Highway Safety. They have been specifically designed and engineered to provide the utmost in safety, durability and performance regardless of temperature and weather conditions.

All of our products are manufactured from 100% recycled rubber. We can provide custom designed applications for our products to meet our Clients unique requirements.

Click on the products below for more information and technical/design specs. If you have any questions about any of the products listed here please contact us.

Sports & Recreation

FlexEdge L Curbs

With a 3 Year material warranty, our FlexEdge L Curb is designed specifically for artificial turf fields and is made from 100% recycled rubber. This Safety Curbing is easily installed and is available in a 4 inch and 5.5 inch high profile. Remains flexible in all weather conditions.

It can be painted with a protective UV coating and can be embossed with your field or university name. If you want to reduce the chance of injury and provide better safety for your athletes, stop using traditional edging such as concrete or wood. Protect them and protect yourself with our FlexEdge Curbs. Custom designs also available.


FlexEdge Baseball Divider Curbs

Our FlexEdge Baseball Divider Curbs helps to separate the rubber infill material from the clay, infield mix or natural grass that is brought up to the other side. Soft and flexible enough to be safe for athletes, yet rigid and durable enough to separate the various materials.

Unlike conventional rigid separators this flexible divider edge will not deflect or interfere with travel or direction of the ball. This product offers the athletes a much safer surface on which to perform. It will not cause a trip hazard for athletes running to retrieve the ball.

FlexEdge Beach Volley Ball Curbs

Our FlexEdge Beach Volley Ball Curb helps to keep your court in a more professional and pristine condition, making it much more inviting to a greater number of individuals wanting to participate in this fast growing sport.

Our molded rubber curb is made with 100% recycled rubber, this curb provides you with a long lasting perimeter edging that will help to keep your court looking professional and safe when compared to traditional forms of edging like plastic, treated wood or cement.

Ramp-Up Wheel Chair Access Curbs

Our Wheel Chair Access Curbs are made from 100% recycled rubber and are available in 4 ft. and 8 ft. lengths. This very durable curb is ideal for both inside and outside artificial turf field installations. This curb is designed for high traffic areas where people and equipment need a sloped access to the field surface. They are easily anchored or glued to any surface giving you an unencumbered access to the field. .250in to 1.75in rise over 9in.
Playgrounds & Parks

Play Safe Curbs

Our Play Safe curb is the largest of its kind. Made from recycled rubber this curb provides you with the safest perimeter edging on the market today. This product was designed to provide you with a safe yet distinctive border around any type of play area or sport event. This curb is 10.5 inches high 8.5 inches wide and comes in 8-foot lengths. Weighing 165 lbs each this product is typically used around loose-filled or pour-n-place rubber surfaces.

Swing Safe Mats

The 3'x5'x2" Swing Safe Mat was developed for use under swings and slides. Used with either loose filled or pour n place rubber surfacing playgrounds. This product offers you added protection in areas that sustain extreme traffic. The Swing Safe Mat eliminates the deep, water filled crevasses that are commonly found under swings and at the end of slides. It prevents kick outs - which often occur with loose filled materials. This mat provides a safety zone where a fall to surface may occur. A 2'x4'x1" version of this product is also available for the daycare or home playground market. Available in Red, Green, Brown and Black.

Tiger Tuff Tiles

Tiger Tuff Tiles are resilient rubber tiles that provide a long life and low maintenance answer to playground safety. The permeable surface of the Tiger Tuff Tile allows water to pass through the product instead of standing on top. Tiger Tuff Tiles are available in 2'x2'x2" and 2'x2'x1" modules. ASTM F-1292-96 and F-355-95. Colors available are Red, Green, Brown and Black. Transition ramp-up edging are also available making the surface ADA accessible. Ideal for school or backyard play areas.
Highway Safety

FlexEgde Barrel Base

Made from 100% ground recycled rubber, this base offers greater stability and reduced roll out than the conventional (tire sidewalls wired together) weighted bases. Unlike bases in the past our FlexEdge Base has its weight evenly distributed to the outer points, giving greater stability in windy conditions. Because there is no wire in our base there is greater flexibility in cold weather. Easy grip handle. Easily stackable, guaranteed weight, low profile, square in shape and transport friendly (100/skid).

This makes our FlexEdge Highway Safety Barrel Base the best on the market. Protect your investment; we are able to offer personalized embossing of your company name or logo on this product.

Available in 18, 20 & 25 Lb Models.

Keep a look out for more innovative highway safety products coming soon from RTS Canada Ltd.

Personalized Embossing

Personalized Embossing is available for all of our products.

Would you like to promote the name of your town, sport field, university or company? Why not have a name embossed onto one of our products? Just another innovative idea from Rubber Trails and Surfaces Canada Ltd.


Sports & Recreation
Playgrounds & Parks
Highway Safety
Personalized Embossing
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