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Rubber Walk Pour-N-Place Safety Surfaces

Rubber Walk Pour-N-Place is a 100% Recycled Rubber Safety Surface. It is a custom design application of our Loose Fill Colored Mulch in permanent polyurethane adhesive.

This permeable flooring provides a rugged surface this is ready for all weather conditions. ASTM F-1292-96, Flammability (pill) tests DOC FF 1-70 and also ASTM D 2859 Ware Retention CRI TM-101. Completely porous, this surface is able to provide many more hours per year of clean, safe outdoor activity time around any play structure.

Durable & Non-Toxic

The Rubber Walk Pour-N-Place surface is absorbent, soft and porous so water runs right through it. Kid's can play right after a rain.

This is the perfect playground surface with little need for maintenance and holds up to what kids do to a playground, so it will be there for many years to come. Consider the cost of maintaining wood mulch or even a sand surface and the yearly replenishment cost. Expect Rubber Walk playground surfaces to last for many years without patching or repair.

Mixing our non-toxic Rubber Mulch with permanent polyurethane adhesive makes the playground surface. These chemicals are also tested and meet strict guidelines for child safety. Additionally meeting and exceeding Shock Absorbing Properties in accordance with the procedures outlined in ASTM F-1292-96, Standard Specifications for Impact Attenuation of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment. Rubber Walk is ADA compliant exceeding the ASTM F 1951-99, Surface Accessibility Test.

Erosion Control

Hillside and sloping landscapes can require heavy maintenance, look to Rubber Walk for your answer. Rubber walk provides an economical, durable, steadfast solution to your problem with washout and erosion.

Custom Installation

We employ our own installation staff. This trained staff knows how to deal with the unique safety issues of working around active schools.

Colored Rubber Mulch is available in a spectrum of colors and mixes, including:

Tri Color Mulch
(Reds, Green & Yellow)

Jungle Mulch
(Browns, Red & Yellow)

Rustic Mulch
(Reds & Browns)

Redwood Mulch
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