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Wee Care Day Care, Halifax NS | 2006

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RTS Canada Ltd. along with our partners ABT, Inc. and SportsEdge are able to provide you with complete coverage throughout North America. We are totally dedicated to the success of our customers. By providing you with outstanding service, innovative, top quality products and on-time delivery anywhere in North America, we aim to keep you ahead of the competition.

We are working to align ourselves and establish long term working relationships with key players in the industry who can benefit from the promotion and use of our products. Our clients include sports and park facilities, landscaping professionals, provincial and municipal government and community organizations - just to name a few.

Below you will find testimonials from some of our satisfied customers and profiles on selected projects as examples of our work.

Client Testimonials

Dear Steve:

It is my pleasure to provide you with this 'letter of recommendation' so as to help establish a level of client confidence in your new business dealings.

Turf Masters Landscaping Limited has installed five alweather artificial grass sport fields in the last 3 years. Steve and RTS Canada Ltd. worked to develop a rubber curbing for use around these fields. I was very pleased with the inventive approach and knowledge Steve exhibited during his early product development. I am aware of a number of innovative products he has produced and can speak highly of his innovative approach and attention to detail.

Our first installation of the curbing was sold to the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (New Waterford Wellness Field) at a higher price than other optional curbings based upon the features the new product offered. On this project as in all of the five projects noted above the owner of the facilities were and remain very pleased. We as a Company remain sold on the attributes of this curbing product.

Steve and his crew, on all of these projects, worked as a sub-contractor to us during the installation of the curbing. We were completely satisfied with the installation process and the effort put forth by Steve and his crew.

Steve exhibits a strong level of integrity and builds trust among his clients and end users.

I hope this letter will help in your expanded business endeavor. Should the reader wish to contact me for further information I would be pleased to respond.
Alan Streatch, President/CEO
Turf Masters Landscaping Limited

To Whom It May Concern:

Rubber Trails & Services provided the perimeter curbing for our recent field upgrades. The cost for the entire project was about $2,000,000.00.

Over the past few years I have dealt with Steve Benison on several occasions regarding the field upgrades. Steve has always responded quickly to service calls and has come up with some very innovative solutions to resolve track drainage problems associated with the field design. I find Steve and his crew very professional and pay close attention to detail, which is important to Saint Mary's.

Over this past summer Rubber Trails & Services also provided a rubber play surface at our new infant day care facility.
Mike McCann
Manager, Maintenance and Operations
Saint Mary's University

To Whom It May Concern:

RTS Canada preformed an installation of their pour in place Playground Protective Surfacing for us in Fredericton. They also returned quickly for a repair needed due to vandalism. Steve Benison has been very helpful. We have found their product and service to be of a high standard and would not hesitate to recommend this company.
Harold Boone - Trail and Project Coordinator
Community Services Dept. - City of Fredericton

At All Turf we began using FlexEdge curbing a couple of years ago. It is safe, cost effective and easy to install. We used it at Prairiland HS in Texas, SAR Academy in NY, Challenger Field in NJ and Middletown HS in N J. At all locations it has proven to be the best investment we could make for curbing.
Ron Reed
All Turf

We specified perimeter rubber curbing around the new artificial field at Saint Mary's University. The installation was straightforward and the curbing provides a good looking, durable transition between field and track.
David M. Rickard, NSAA
Davison Seamone Rickard Adams Architects Inc.

Over the past few years we have contracted Steve Benison / RTS Canada Ltd., to supply and install poured in place surfacing at various locations in Nova Scotia. Our experience has been very good with RTS Canada Ltd. The product was installed on time and on budget. I would recommend RTS Canada Ltd. for poured in place surfacing for playground equipment applications.
Brad White
Timbertec Inc.
Creative Playsystems


Project Profiles

Acadia Sports Field, Wolfville NS | October 2007

This project involved an artificial turf field and an 8 lane rubber running track for Acadia University. The turf was installed by Turfmasters of Nova Scotia. The rubber track was installed by Defargo of Quebec. This field/running track incorporated our 4in high FlexEdge Drainage Curb.

F.W. Wickwire Memorial Field
Dalhousie University, Halifax NS | 2007

This brand new Field Turf field was specifically designed for soccer and field hockey play. Constructed in 2007 this site required a variety of standard and customized FlexEdge curbing to get the job done right. The field is elevated on three sides so a customized L-Shaped curb was needed to cover the turf edge and then slope down to cover the exposed treated wood edge.

A higher 5in curb was required on one side to prevent the field hockey ball from escaping under the fence. Our Ramp-up curb was used at all entrances to allow for unencumbered access for people and equipment onto the site. Our customized embossing was used around the entire field to promote the name of the sport field and the university. The entire site prep and Field Turf artificial turf field installation was completed by Turfmasters of Nova Scotia.

Zachary High School, Zachary, Louisiana | 2007

This project involved the construction and placement of a new artificial turf sports field as well as the installation of an artificial turf running track by GSE Lining Technologies of Houston, Texas. We believe that this is the first of its kind in North America.

Muldoon Area Middle School, Anchorage, Alaska | 2007

This project was completed in 2007 in Anchorage Alaska and consisted of a new artificial turf field for the school district. This is one of three projects that were completed last year in Alaska by GSE Lining Technologies of Houston, Texas.

King George V Field, Saint Johns, Newfoundland | 2006

2006 saw the first Field Turf artificial turf field installed in Newfoundland. Located in the heart of the city, this field borders on tennis, basketball and skate board courts as well as Kitty Bitty Lake where paddling and rowing events take place. This site with its many walking trails is truly a family oriented recreational park. We used our standard 4" L shaped FlexEdge Curb fastened with galvanized 4" lag bolts unto a pressure treated 2" x 6" board. The treated board was first anchored with 18" re-bar rod to secure it firmly into the ground. Turf Masters of Elderbank, Nova Scotia did the site prep and field installation.

Wee Care Day Care, Halifax NS | 2006

One of Halifax's oldest day care centers located in the heart of the city got a complete make over in 2006. Being a port city we wanted to have a nautical theme to the playground. Around the ship we went with a blue color. Terra-cotta representing the earth and green for the grass fields. FlexEdge curbing was used around the perimeter. We wanted to have the trees already in the area, as part of the playground theme. Because our Pour-n-place rubber surface is so porous, all water and nutrients get to the tree's root system allowing this tree to continue to grow and provide great shade for many years to come. The playground is approximately 3000sq ft.

McGill University Stadium, Montreal Quebec | 2005

FlexEdge Curb was the choice for this project done in 2005. The artificial turf was done by Field Turf and the running track was done by Mondo Canada.

DeWolfe Park, Bedford NS | 2005

This playground is located in DeWolfe Park on the shores of the Bedford Basin just outside Halifax Nova Scotia. This park is part of a much larger waterfront development project in progress. Wanting a nautical theme for this setting, a replica of a WW2 battle ship was constructed and sea blue was the color for the Pour-N-Place rubber surface.

Our large Play Safe Curb was used to encompass the playground making it look like an ocean surrounded by land. At several points the curb ends were inserted into the ground to make unencumbered access points onto the rubber surface for wheel chair entry. A 5-foot wide rubber walkway approximately 100 ft long leads from the parking lot to the play surface allowing easy access for the disabled.

For the walkway edging we used our 6 inch high L-Shaped curb imbedded into the ground so that the finished surface would be flush with the grass and not causing a trip zone. This playground is approximately 2800 sq ft.

Saint Mary's University, Halifax NS | 2004

In 2004 the university decided to replace its 20-year old Astro turf with a new Sportex artificial turf product and redo their existing rubber running track. Our standard 4" L shaped FlexEdge Curb was used as a boarded between the resurfaced rubber running track and the new, elevated artificial turf football field. The Base work was completed by Dexter Construction of Halifax. The Artificial turf field incorporated a rubber e-layer under the new turf and recycled rubber and colored EPDM rubber was used to resurface the running track. This project was completed by Defargo of Carrignan, Quebec.

Dartmouth Development Center, Dartmouth NS | 2004

For this project, the day care center wanted to have a safer play area for their youngest children, inside a fenced area. We produced a 20-foot diameter Tri-Color 3" thick Pour-N-Place surface surrounded by our large Play Safe Curb. We left a 4-foot wide opening for easy access to the play surface for wheel chairs. This curb was painted yellow to provide the young tots with a soft seating around the play area. Also the yellow provides a greater visual aid for children with sight problems.

Ellsworth Park, Atlanta Georgia | 2003

This site was virtually unusable for development because of its extremely sloped terrain. A family friendly playground and park using a Pour-N-Place rubber surface was an ideal choice for developing this site. If a grass surface remained on this site it would have been very time consuming and costly to maintain properly over the years.

In order to get maximum use from this site it was decided that the rubber surface needed to be done in several different elevations. Retaining walls were built using our large Play Safe Curbs to help distinguish these different elevations and allow the children to climb from one elevation to another. In one area of the playground a 4-foot high climbing wall utilizing several different sizes of our FlexEdge Curbs was constructed. This climbing wall is one of the most popular activities on the site. Our Tri Color rubber was used. Project designed and installed by Rubber Wholesalers of Ranger Georgia.

Client Testimonials
Project Profiles

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